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8916 Liqui Moly Cold Freeze Freezing Spray -45oC 400ml Aerosol Can

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Universal application for repair purposes and locating faults. Helps to insert structural components in extremely tight spaces and locate faults in electrical circuits causéd by thermal overloading.

Inserting ball bearings, shafts and bushings in fits. For checking electronic components such as temperature sensors, pcb’s., etc.

Can be universally used for repair purposes and trouble shooting in all sectors. Structural parts can be inserted into the tightest fits. Likewise, faults in electronic circuits caused by thermal overloads can also be easily found.

Spray the components or objects to be treated, evenly for a few seconds. The freezing effect can be varied according to the duration of spraying. The product is harmless if used properly. There is a risk of freezing if it comes into contact with the body.


The sister products: 3379 Liqui Moly PROLINE Injector and Dismantling Aid Aerosol Spray Can 400ml ,  3381 Liqui Moly PROLINE Injector Glow Plug Grease 20g and  8916 NEW Liqui Moly Cold Freeze Freezing Spray -45 oC 400ml Aerosol Can are sold separately or available to purchase as a bundle.

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