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KEM555KIT Kemper 'Walkover Oxikit' Oxygas Portable MicroWelding Kit Replacement + Spare Parts

by Kemper
Original price £18.50 - Original price £435.95
Original price
£18.50 - £435.95
Current price £41.95

Buy your replacements and spare parts for your Kemper 'Oxikit' Oxygas kit.

SWWSupplies are authorised Kemper distributors.

or purchase the complete kit HERE which includes the Gases, Torch, Regulators, Welding Goggles, Stand/Holder


-1 Litre Oxygen Disposable Cylinder 

-600ml Novacet Disposable Cylinder 

- Stand / Holder with Regulators and Goggles (arrives with NO gases)


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