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BAILCAST 'Uniboot' Stretchy Drive Shaft Boot Kit

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The cut to size design enables it to fit most cars which in turn reduces the amount of CV boots that are needed to be stocked. As well as this the design of the boot allows for superior flexibility which minimalises wear and tear especially when the vehicle is on full lock. 

This Universal CV Boot is resistant to:

Oil & grease,
Extremes of temperature,
Tear and impact damage.

fits most cars as well as some 4x4’s and light commercial vehicles.
Fits joints measuring:
Shaft: ø18-26mm
Joint: ø56-116mm
Length: 58-128mm

Can be fitted to trilobal/tripod joints, follow the simple step by step instructions found printed in the box or below. 

Can be fitted using the conventional cone method.
Alternatively the boot can be stretched using either of theBailcast innovative tools, Duragun® or Duralec®, which will enable the job to be fully completed in only 20 minutes, a fraction of the conventional time.


Kit Contains:
12 CV Boots, 12 Grease sachets, 12 Large and Small Ear Clamps

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