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Ambersil Acrylic Paint Marker Pens 3mm nib. Pack of 10

Original price £16.95 - Original price £39.99
Original price
£16.95 - £39.99
Current price £39.99

Tenacious resin binds paint to the writing surface almost eliminating the problems associated with accidental rub-off and will not wash off with water/rain.

- 3mm diameter nib.

-The marker pens can be removed easily with a solvent such as 'Amberklene FE10'.
- Excellent opaque coverage, even on dark surfaces.
- Fast-drying & long-lasting.
- Durable tip with valve action to prevent excess paint flow.
- Easy, accurate application.
- Valve action limits over application and prevents drying out.


AMB130  AMB131   AMB132   AMB133

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