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7074 Laser funnel Set 3 piece

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Three-piece set designed for automotive use, includes one slim-line funnel and a pair of clip-on bottle funnels. The largest is extra-long and narrow making it ideal for filling hard to access tanks. The two clip-on funnels are notched to fit 25mm and 30mm diameter bottle necks and are a simple and effective way to pour fluids straight from the bottle without spillage. Manufactured from polypropylene the set is suitable for petrol, diesel, oil and brake fluid.

  • Set of 3 funnels designed for automotive use; includes a large, slim-line funnel & a pair of bottle-neck funnels for quick, clean tank filling.
  • Extra long slimline funnel (460mm) ideal for reaching hard to access tanks.
  • Pair of small funnels that clip to the neck of an oil bottle - to fit 25mm & 30mm diameter bottles.
  • Measuring 40/45mm width x 50mm depth x 17mm spout x 130mm overall length. 460mm long x 120mm diameter x 15mm spout.
  • Manufactured from polypropylene and suitable for petrol, diesel, oil and brake fluid.

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