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If You're A Cornish Business We Will Come To You

If You're A Cornish Business We Will Come To You

In addition to our online shop we also supply stock by van sales, visiting our Cornish customers direct*.  This is how our business began back in1999, for the last 22 years we have built up our business from word of mouth customer recommendations.

Over the last five years we have gained customers across the UK and overseas.  The demand for the products we stock has grown because people want to buy from an independent supplier, and from real people who know what they are talking about and will share useful hacks and top tips.

Our customers know we continually shop around to work with the best brands and hunt out the products they like; These include the obscure ones, the ones that aren't that easy to get hold of or the products that are only sold to distributors like ourselves.  We are really proud of the fantastic relationships that we have with our suppliers and even though they are based all over the UK and world they are also part of our  valued team.


* Please note:

  • From March 2020 SWWSupplies have taken the utmost care when visiting customers, PPE is available, hands/pens/computer/notebooks are all fully sanitised in between customer visits, when stopping off for fuel and shopping.  We also have in place contactless drop offs, so deliveries are left in a designated safe place when requested.  
  • All deliveries that arrive with SWWSupplies are sanitised upon arrival (the delivery box and contents).
  • Packaging is reused when sending out customer orders, but it is fully sanitized and left for at least 72 hours before being used again.  We are happy to send your order out in new packaging, you just need to ask when placing your order.  We reuse packaging because we are conscious of our carbon foot print;  Looking after the environment is important to us and we try to do our bit wherever possible.


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