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Boxo: Who we work with...

Boxo: Who we work with...

Our customers love Boxo Tools as much as we do here at SWWSupplies. They offer a comprehensive line of hand tools, power tool accessories and awesome tool boxes that are designed to meet the needs of professionals. With a wide selection of durable and reliable tools, Boxo Tools provides products that are built to last.


Boxo hand tool company spent years of effort on providing quality tools and tool boxes to the market.
With over 40 years manufacture background, these professional tools and tool boxes are designed, developed and manufactured in house and in association with subcontracted factories. 

Boxo Tools focus on product research and design, quality control and test to reach customer needs from variety product categories of tools. Product ranges include Sockets, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, and Pliers, Boxo Hand Tool company also brings pneumatic tools and auto special repair tools to fulfil more product range of the professional workshop customer demand.
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