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3 Great reasons why Hubitools HU35025 is a benefit to your workshop

3 Great reasons why Hubitools HU35025 is a benefit to your workshop


On a sunny Saturday mid October Adrian and Nicole met Virgil from Hubitools HQ based in Belgium.  A few of our existing customers already own this kit and actively use it rather than it being another piece of kit gathering dust!  All our customers who own it continue to be extremely impressed with it. 

Adrian and Nicole took the opportunity to spend some time with Virgil to further understand the kit and accessories created by Virgil and the team at Hubitools. 


Reason #1: This kit can measure extensively including: Diesel and Petrol compression, Oil pressure, Turbo pressure, Cooling system pressure, AD Blue pressure, Fuel low pressure, Vacuum pressure and Particle filter pressure and as an option, Fuel high pressure.


Reason #2: The updates are fast and prompt, taking minutes and not hours/overnight.

Reason #3: The 7" screen is just the right size to clearly see the colour TFT display when you are working in-car or under the bonnet.  Also you can use touch screen gloves for the touch panel.


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