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Greases + Lubricants -3 Reasons why you need anti-corrosion protector, ACF-50, in your tool box.

Greases + Lubricants -3 Reasons why you need anti-corrosion protector, ACF-50, in your tool box.

Greases + Lubricants -3 Reasons why you need anti-corrosion protector ACF-50 in your tool box.

If you've tried ACF-50 once, it has probably become a firm favorite.  Amongst your greases and lubricants, its taken its pride of place at the front of the shelf.  The leading anti-corrosion formula was developed for treating the complete aircraft (air frame and electrical systems) whilst it sister product, Corrosion Block, stopped existing corrosion and prevented the formation of new corrosion. So why has this incredible product ended up being a 'go to' product and found its way into so many tool boxes?

Lets run though 3 reasons why you need anti-corrosion protector ACF-50 in your tool box.

Reason 1: On un-corroded metal the corrosion inhibitors within ACF-50 leave an active film.

ACF-50 will expel and displace water, keeping moisture away from the treated metal.  Once applied, it leaves behind a barrier to protect metal. Preventing electrolysis, protect against corrosion or STOPPING further corrosive damage.  

Reason 2: ACF-50 flows easily,

ACF-50 is very determined!! It will get to those hard to reach places because the aerosol comes with a tiny yellow straw meaning it can be squirted into the smallest gaps for you to still see the result and you can be confident it will seek out any moisture to displace.

Reason 3: It has remarkable properties.

Non-toxic, Non-flammable and Non-​staining. Safe to use on your children bikes, in your garden and around the home.  It is safe to use with electrical systems because of its non-flammable properties, ACF-50 contains nothing that will create an electrical path or de-tune sensitive radio equipment


Next Steps: 

ACF-50  is available as a 369g Aerosol, 0.9Litre Bottle and a 4Litre or 20Litre container.  The unique abilities of ACF-50 remain effective for 12 months, gradually disappearing as it is chemically consumed.

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