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3 Smart ways to save

3 Smart ways to save

It may be a little unsettling out there at the moment, with the ever-increasing cost of living, but here you'll find a few ideas to help you save, so you can still enjoy yourself.

1. ACF-50 is a workshop favorite, it kills existing rust and prevents new meaning you can use it virtually any where and you can even use it to look after your tools and give them an added sparkle. READ MORE

2.  Oil Improvers such as Cera Tec is a motor oil additive that boosts the performance of the oil. Developed to help prevent wear and tear of components inside your engine, saving you money in repair costs down the road. Cera Tec also helps increase horsepower due to less friction from carbon buildup within the engine. It has been tested by European car manufactures such as Porsche who have documented significant improvements with its use over conventional motor oils. READ MORE

3. Get organised so you can see what you've got and stop buying duplicates!! 'Flip Box' Assortment Storage Compartment made from polypropylene, this compartment box is clear so you can see exactly what you've got inside and also place the removable dividers exactly where you need them to be depending on the shape and size of the contents. Boxes can be stacked or stored in a Storage Rack.  Marvellous!!  




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